About We are PLaiD


PLaiD will provide a community of support to families and patients affected by pediatric liver disease through the unique perspective of those living with it. This will be carried out by providing a social network, educational resources, funding for research and resources, and working to increase community awareness of pediatric liver disease.


There are over 100 different liver diseases that affect children today. The incidence of pediatric liver disease is 1 in 25,000 births in the United States. In children, liver disease can be caused by a viral infection, genetic factors, immune disorders, or often times a cause unknown. Pediatric liver disease alone causes over 15,000 hospital admissions each year. These admissions range from the treatment of infections, bleeding problems related to a poorly functioning liver, nutritional problems, further diagnostic testing and transplant as well as many others. Between 500-600 children undergo a liver transplant every year in the United States. The outcome for children with end stage liver disease has dramatically improved as medicine has advanced in recent years. Children today are fortunate that transplantation and anti-rejection medications are highly successful and can provide them the opportunity to experience happy and active lives.


It’s important to have a team of support. People who have been in your shoes and walked down similar roads you are traveling. People you can converse with about liver disease when you need to or simply sit beside in silence just knowing they understand.


PLaiD will provide

  • • emotional support for you, your child and your family
  • • demonstrate the quality of life the children with liver disease and their families maintain in the pre and post transplant stages
  • • opportunities to talk and meet others going through the same things as your family
  • • moral support
  • • child to child support as they grow up with a liver disease
  • • opportunities to increase awareness of pediatric liver disease and organ donation
  • • opportunities to help with fundraising efforts and make a difference in the future of our children’s care
  • • educational resources for families and children