Harris (Georgia)

“Super Harris” was born 1-31-10. He ran a fever briefly after birth but seemed healthy. His labs caused red flags because his direct bilirubin was elevated and we stayed in the hospital for 10 days. We took a “wait and see” approach for a few weeks and ultimately ended up changing doctors (and cities) after a bad HIDA scan. With our new doctor we had a biopsy and a Kasai on 3-17-10 (a choloangiogram was not even possible) which gave us the definitive diagnosis of Biliary Atresia. We have had 4 bouts of cholangitis and his bili fluctuates from mid ones to 3. We are struggling to maintain any weight and he seems to have some Portal Hypertension. We are still trying to find the balance of normal sick and Biliary Atresia sick.Harris is an amazing little boy who is so strong and adores his older brother and sister.


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