Rachel (Nebraska)

Rachel was 7-8 weeks old when her peditrician Dr. Vicki Herrman worried about her being too yellow and sent her to Childrens Hospital for tests. That was a Monday. Then she referred us immediately to Dr. Simon Horslen ..we saw him on Tuesday. He referred us to a pediatric surgeon Dr. Steven Raynor and we saw him on Wednesday. He recommended the Kasai procedure and by Friday we were in a waiting room while our 8 week old daughter was in surgery. I was terrified and Michael (my husband) was determined. So I guess the two of us worked out well together..when he got scared I supported him and vice versa. I still remember in the surgeon’s office after it was all explained, Michael said..”well let’s get it done” and I cradled my child, tears falling on her face. The Kasai was successful in that she wasn’t in any immediate danger anymore. We experienced a lot of stress in those days and she was hospitalized two-three more times in the next 4-6 months with infections. We stayed with her for the IV insertions but not holding her as we didn’t want her to associate being on our lap and pain. I stayed up in the hospital exsisting between hospital life and the real life outside the window. My other 5 sons were being cared for by their dad but I missed being with them. The church and school bought meals and helped get my younger children Halloween costumes. My sisters took care of my needs in the hospital along with my husband. After that time…she has prospered and although it took her awhile to crawl again she caught up and we finally sent her to school when she was 6. Oh..there are still times when we are afraid of injuries and I worry when she gets sick but we placed her liver in God’s hands and have left it in His care. We will continue to leave her well-being in his hands.


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